Goodwell Township Sexton is Joel Nichols.

​Please contact Clerk Jennifer Wozniak for any information or questions - 231-923-3797.

The Township cemetery is located next to the Township Hall and is open daylight till dusk. Please do not drive off the roads, NO SNOWMOBILES, ORV'S, OR HORSES ALLOWED. Please check the cemetery ordinance for all other rules. All artificial plants must be removed by October 1st or will removed by the sexton.
PLEASE do not pour your own foundation for cemetery markers. ALL foundations will be installed by the monument company under the direction of the sexton to make sure they are on the correct grave site. 










Cemetery Fee Schedule

Plot - Resident                                      

Plot - Non Resident                               

​Full Burial - Resident  Adult                   

​Full Burial - Resident Infant                    

Full Burial - Non Resident Adult              

Full Burial - Non Resident Infant              

Burial of Cremains - Resident                 

Burial of Cremains - Non Resident           

Weekend/Holiday Burial Add                    

Concrete Foundations *

*Foundations will be installed and billed by the monument company.